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Putting Your Golf Fitness Program to Work

Motivation is Critical to Success

The most important factor in determining how successful a golf fitness program will be for you is your own level of motivation. Maintaining motivation is essential for staying with the program and ensuring that you are putting both your body and your mind into your workout. 


Three of the most common reasons for the loss of motivation are:


  • Having unrealistic expectations about how long it will take to see improvement.


  • Underestimating the amount of work it will take to realize your goals.


  • A lack of accountability, which can lead to skipped workouts or a lack of effort.


Premier Golf Fitness will help you set actionable and attainable goals for improving your game and help you determine how much time you can realistically commit to training.


Based on your goals, your time commitment, and a pre-program fitness evaluation, we can give you an idea of how long it might take for you to reach your goals as well as let you know what factors could increase or reduce that time frame.


We also help you maintain forward momentum in training by providing an accountability factor. At regular intervals during the program, you'll send us progress reports so that we can adjust your program appropriately to help keep you improving at a steady pace.

Start Where You Are

Whether you've just started playing golf or you've been a golf course member for fifty years, we can help you improve your game, reduce your risk of injury, and enjoy better health.


And no matter what your current level of fitness is, we can help you improve it. All it takes is a serious commitment from you to put in the hard work, and the rewards will soon follow. Chances are, once you see improvement, you'll want to keep setting the bar higher. 


And that's our goal: To provide you with a lifetime of superior quality wellness instruction to promote better overall health and golf performance.

Are you ready to increase your strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility to play a better game of golf?


Are you ready to fuel your body with healthy food to lose weight, improve your health, and help prevent illnesses and injuries that will keep you off the golf course for good? 


Contact Premier Golf Fitness today to schedule a free consultation! 

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