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Nutrition Assessment & Program

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of optimum performance. The food you put in your body fuels its interdependent processes, for better or worse. Whether you want to lose body fat, prevent disease, look better, sleep better, feel better, or play better golf, it all starts with the food you put in your body. You can work out until the cows come home, but without proper fuel, you won't get the results you're looking for.

Your Body Is a Machine

You shouldn't put kerosene in the gas tank of your car, and you also shouldn't put the wrong fuel in your body. Excess salt, sugar, chemicals, unhealthy fats, and calories impede your physical fitness development and lead to numerous health problems.  


If your diet and nutrition leave a lot to be desired, it's time to take a look at some changes you can make to not only give your body healthy food, but to make the enjoyment of eating it a priority as well. 

Premier Golf Fitness Nutrition Assessment 

Our nutrition assessment is an evaluation of your current diet to determine your overall level of nutrition. We'll look for existing or potential nutritional deficiencies in your diet and talk about any specific health issues or risks you'd like to address through proper nutrition.


We'll also discuss your fitness and golf performance goals and any dietary restrictions you have.

Body Fat Analysis 

Carrying extra fat affects your golf performance and your everyday performance off the course as well. Visceral fat, particularly around the abdomen, is deeply situated and pads the spaces between your organs, and it's linked to metabolic problems and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes.


You can be of a normal weight and still have visceral abdominal fat. A body fat analysis will identify the presence of this dangerous fat. 



Weight Loss Goal Setting 


If one of your goals is weight loss, we'll conduct a body fat analysis to determine the percentage of your weight that's comprised of fat, and we'll help you set realistic and healthy goals for effective and permanent weight loss.

Dietary Plan

Premier Golf Fitness will create a balanced dietary plan for you that's designed to address your fitness, health, and weight loss goals and reduce your risk factors for disease.


Our dietary plans are highly individualized and developed to help you improve your sports performance, prevent fatigue, and stay mentally sharp. In addition to improving your nutrition through diet, we may also recommend healthy, absorbable supplements that can help correct nutritional deficiencies, improve performance, and lead to better overall health. 


A healthy diet will also improve your quality of sleep and help prevent disease so that you'll have more years and a higher quality of life to do the things you enjoy... like play golf!



Are you ready to fuel your body with the nutrients you need for good health and great performance?

Call or email Premier Golf Fitness today to learn more about our nutrition assessment program or to schedule an appointment that will put you on the straight course to better health and better golf.

Stay in touch with Premier Golf Fitness!

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