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Change Your Game                   Change Your Life

"I have been very pleased with the improvement in my muscle strength since I began doing the exercise program Paul prescribed for me two years ago. I have been able to hit my drives farther than I did before I started this program and feel more confident in my swing and the distance I hit all my shots." E. Tom Oshsner - Teacher, Golf Coach and mentor to many.

This program is the "real deal."  If you are one who wants to improve your golf game, you need to work with Paul.  I have worked with Paul over the last two years, during the off season, to get my golf game back in shape.  The evaluation through pre-testing conducted by Paul identified my physical limitations, which were addressed to improve my performance.  Next, Paul presented the science of biomechanics of the golf swing, not only the how, but the why behind it.  I was impressed by how Paul was able to present this information in a way I could understand.  The results I have seen while working in this program were in the body-swing connection.  I added distance, a minimum of 10 yards to my driver, fairway metals and irons; better accuracy to all my shots; and last but not least, new confidence in making my shots.  Thank you Paul!  Dennis Schmitz, retired teacher.

"Paul was so helpful in my development. Going into my first TPI screen, I had all sorts of imbalances with my mobility, flexibility and strength.  Paul analyzed all of these, and with my goals in mind, helped develop a program that would help me get there. The greatest benefit was being able to perform better on the golf course and looking better in my everyday life. If you are looking to improve your golf game, or even your way of life, you should definitely participate in the program."  Ian Scott, UNL Professional Golf Management Program student and future golf professional.

PGF congratulates 

Ian Scott on his season opening tournament win at HillCrest Country Club!


Ian writes "First tournament of my season!! Thanks Paul!"

From speaking with Paul, “I know that he has built a very high quality facility. From my knowledge of Paul, I can assure you that the best part of the facility is that Paul will personally work with the patrons. He has a wealth of knowledge about the functions of the body. He does not push you beyond your capabilities. He will carefully evaluate your abilities and work with you to achieve the goals you desire. Paul is well prepared to help the users of this facility and has a great personal manner. He is highly respected in his field. I highly recommend Paul in this endeavor.”  Don Pederson, Former Nebraska State Senator  In memory of my friend, I thank him for his support and friendship.  Rest in peace.

PGF congratulates DJ on his Firethorn Men's Championship.  

DJ your excellent work ethic and dedication to your golf conditioning program was exemplary for people to follow.  Thank you for the opportunity to assist you.

Dave J Firethorn.jpg

PGF congratulates Haley W. on her fourth place finish in the State Championship and your Firethorn Women's Championship. You are very talented.

Your relentless pursuit of perfection during your training sessions in the studio and at the YMCA was tremendous.  Thank you for the opportunity to assist you. 

Jay B. states, "The program Paul put me through really taught me a lot about the fitness side of golf.  I am able now to take what I have learned and use it for the rest of my life.  Paul is very knowledgeable in this field.  My strength increased as well as my flexibility, which is now allowing me to hit the ball further and better."   


A Lincoln Southwest Dad states: “Paul’s course improved my son’s flexibility, strength and range of motion.  All of these improvements helped him to drive the ball farther his senior year as well as played a role in him qualifying for both the Junior USGA and Junior PGA tournaments.  He continues to use what he learned from Paul while playing Division 1 golf today.”  -

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