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Golf fitness


is the process of improving your golfing performance through good health and fitness as they relate to your needs and to the unique challenges of the game.

An individualized Golf Fitness Program can help you:


  • Improve your overall golf performance.

  • Increase distance.

  • Prevent injury.

  • Feel better after the round.

  • Play better the next day.


While technique instruction and practice are important, they will only take you so far in reaching your improvement goals. Much of your performance has to do with the condition of the golf machine - your body - and that's where Premier Golf Fitness can help. We'll evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan that's just for you. After that, how quickly you realize your goals will depend on maintaining motivation and putting quality effort into your workouts. (Read more.)

Golf fitness training exercises addresses essential aspects of fitness:


  • Mobility

  • Stability

  • Strength

  • Power


Whether you've just started playing golf or you've been a golf club member for fifty years, we can help you improve your game, reduce your risk of injury, and enjoy better health by improving your balance and flexibility and increasing your strength and endurance. (Read more.)

Good nutrition also has a lot to do with your performance on the golf course:


  • It improves your concentration.

  • It provides your energy.

  • It helps you maintain optimum health for top performance.


A nutrition assessment and dietary plan complements the Golf Fitness Program and can lead to immediate improvements in energy and concentration levels, produce long-term results for lifelong wellness, and give you many more years of enjoyment on the golf course. (Read more.)

 A golf fitness program should be individualized based on:

  • Your current overall health and fitness level.

  • Your physical and mental strengths and weaknesses on and off the golf course.

  • Your fitness goals and your golf goals. 


There is no one-size-fits-all exercise program that will address all aspects of your golf game. An individualized golf fitness program addresses your unique strengths and weaknesses, and it is designed to help you reach your specific health, weight loss, and performance goals. Periodic evaluations of your progress offers the opportunity to make adjustments in your program to help ensure every workout is leading you closer to optimum health and a better game of golf.

Premier Golf Fitness offers a holistic approach to golf training.

Our Golf Fitness Program helps you: 


  • Understand your physical and mental strengths and weaknesses. 


  • Develop an intuitive mind-body connection.


  • Promote confidence in your inherent physical abilities and in your game.


  • Make meaningful lifestyle changes that promote overall good health and reduce your risk of illness and disease. 


  • Prevent injury on and off the course. 

Our nutrition program is designed to: 


  • Assess your diet and provide information about dietary changes that will optimize your energy and concentration, build muscle, and reduce body fat.


  • Design a dietary plan aligned with your fitness, health, and/or weight loss goals.                 


  • Promote other healthy lifestyle choices to help protect against disease and injury for the long-term.

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